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Kitchen Confession

She was brushing her teeth

Facing the water-drizzled sink

He was watching her closely

Arms crossed, heart pounding


The silence between them shouted

Wordless longing embraced their souls

For every move seemed numbered

Neither one would dare talk


Finally, she’s ready for bed

Put her toothbrush back to that cabinet

He grabbed her hands softly

Stared and asked her “What’s wrong?”


She pretended to be puzzled and looked down

But really, she’s taken by surprise

For she didn’t want this to happen

She didn’t want to see those eyes


“I can’t keep this any longer.” he said

His body was shaking with fear and love

She backed herself against the sink

Inhaled that scent that made her weak


They looked at each other intensely

Silent thoughts exchanged so quick

Now, neither one wanted to look away

–and yes, they suddenly kissed


She tasted his suppressed desire

He liked her toothpaste-tasting lips

For years of brushing shoulders

They finally showed what they can’t keep




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