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You Wouldn’t Dare



Instead of falling in love

Why don’t you just kill yourself?

For it doesn’t make any difference

When a heart wants someone it can’t get


Instead of saying “I love you”

Just drown yourself in gin

For what goes out of the mouth

Is riskier than what goes in


Instead of letting her know

It’d be better to face the wall

‘Coz even if you look crazy

At least you don’t lose your face at all


Instead of wasting your life for a brat

Why don’t you just get a dog?

For a poop that stains the floor

Is better than a poop that stains the heart


Instead of buying her presents

Get a nice investment!

A house or a car will do

Than your infidel, so-called “boo”


Instead of spending time with her

Tend a garden, or something else

Vegetables are good for the heart

Contrary to your love growing apart


Instead of reading this poem

Why don’t you just love anyway?

Yes, human love is never fair

But it’s bittersweet, I gotta say



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